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About ECIP Regina

The Early Childhood Intervention Program's (ECIP's) share the vision that, “All families have the capacity to meet the developmental needs of their children within the community of their choice.”

Children who are involved with ECIP are often delayed in reaching age-appropriate, developmental milestones such as walking, talking, eating, maneuvering, playing or interacting socially. ECIP helps children who experience developmental delays to reach their best potential. ECIP staff build relationships with families and assist them in working toward mutually-identified goals for their children and family.

ECIP's Goals

  • Children’s development is maintained or enhanced as a result of participation in ECIP.
  • Families have increased knowledge regarding their child’s needs and strengths and the needs and strengths of their family.
  • Families’ confidence to advocate for their children who experience, or are at risk for, developmental delays will be enhanced.
  • Communities will become more inclusive as families connect to other programs and services that meet their needs.


Funding for the Early Childhood Intervention Program is provided by: Government of Saskatchewan, Indigenous Services Canada and the United Way of Regina.

Visit our Friends Of ECIP page to many of the other wonderful partners and supporters that we've had a privilege of working with.

Our Geographical Area

The geographical area in which the activities of the ECIP, RR are carried out include; Regina, north to Nokomis, including Raymore, east on Highway #1 to Whitewood, east on Highway #48 to Langbank, south to Francis, west to Belle Plain/Craik, including Pense and Bethune.

ECIP Regina Region Map

We also provide services to the following 18 First Nations that fall in our catchment area; Carry the Kettle, Cowessess, Day Star, Fishing Lake, Gordon, Kahkewistahaw, Kawacatoose, Little Black Bear, Muscowpetung, Muskowekwan, Ochapawace, Okanese, Pasqua, Peepeekisis, Piapot, Sakimay, Standing Buffalo and Star Blanket. We also provide service coordination to The Key, Keeseekoose and Cote First Nations. 

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ECIP organizations share the vision that “All families have the capacity to meet the developmental needs of their children within the community of their choice.”

About ECIP


  • Enhance childhood development.
  • Identify family needs and strengths.
  • Support and empower families.
  • Provide links to community services.

Core Services


ECIP is a nonprofit organization funded through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, Health Canada and through donations and grants.

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